Beyond Eros

I once dated a narcissistic “Peter Pan”. Little did I know, a month after his serial cheating and self-delusion I would find a mature, selfless man who lived me with true “agape” love. Excellent article.

Dear Children

Dear son,

I didn’t have very many girlfriends in high school. I met one girl at the skating rink when I was fifteen. Her infatuation with me lasted for a couple of months and then she decided that she liked one of my friends better. Still, I have warm recollections of the feelings I felt when she was my “girlfriend”. It was magical, unlike anything I’d ever felt before.  There was another as well. It lasted for two weeks I think. I had dreams about her for years afterward. She was one of the most beautiful girls I can remember ever knowing, much less being able to call her “girlfriend” for a couple of weeks. I would learn a mere 7 years later that beauty comes much easier for some girls at fifteen than at twenty-two for.

And then there was a relationship with a girl right out of high school.  She…

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One thought on “Beyond Eros

  1. eyes opening

    I read this article with interest and then found this tucked away towards the end:
    ‘God designed you to rule over your wife and family and he cursed you to earn your bread by the sweat of your brow. He designed your wife to be your helpmeet, and he cursed her to thwart your authority.’
    What a shame….

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