Beyond Eros

I once dated a narcissistic “Peter Pan”. Little did I know, a month after his serial cheating and self-delusion I would find a mature, selfless man who lived me with true “agape” love. Excellent article.

Dear Children

Dear son,

I didn’t have very many girlfriends in high school. I met one girl at the skating rink when I was fifteen. Her infatuation with me lasted for a couple of months and then she decided that she liked one of my friends better. Still, I have warm recollections of the feelings I felt when she was my “girlfriend”. It was magical, unlike anything I’d ever felt before.  There was another as well. It lasted for two weeks I think. I had dreams about her for years afterward. She was one of the most beautiful girls I can remember ever knowing, much less being able to call her “girlfriend” for a couple of weeks. I would learn a mere 7 years later that beauty comes much easier for some girls at fifteen than at twenty-two for.

And then there was a relationship with a girl right out of high school.  She…

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