How Pornography Destroys You

You are reading the second of a 2-part article on the dangers of pornography, by guest blogger Christian Mucaj. Christian is a 19-year-old follower of Jesus from Albania. He studies sociology at the University of Tirana.
You are reading the second of a 2-part article on the dangers of pornography, by guest blogger Christian Mucaj. Christian is a 19-year-old follower of Jesus from Albania. He studies sociology at the University of Tirana.

How Pornography Destroys You

By Christian Mucaj

In my first post, “Pornography – The Sin with Claws”, I gave a very brief presentation of pornography as a modern, global problem, as well as God’s view of pornography and why He has prohibited it.

In this article, I will discuss the main reasons why pornography is harmful to its users, from the aspect of mental health as well as physical and social relationships. If you are a Christian and suffer from the use of pornography, you need to stop immediately! Ephesians 5:3 says, But immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints,” Paul rebuked the believers in Ephesus, because they had mixed with all kinds of filthy sexual sins, which are listed in other verses of chapter 5. There is therefore no excuse whatsoever for viewing pornography; it is a very aggressive and shameful sin which must be handled carefully as restoration is not easy. Repenting from the use of pornography is sometimes a long and difficult process, but I would have to write another article dealing with this.

Physical Health

– Neurological effects.

Experts have discovered that pornography causes social anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, and obsessive mental disorders. A renowned physiologist named Gary Wilson concluded in an experiment called “The Great Porn Experiment” that pornography causes many effects in the brain. Viewing pornography releases dopamine (the hormone that controls pleasure), and if more dopamine than needed is released, its natural level is suppressed. The result is two-fold: 1) Physical changes to the brain, causing a numbness that makes true intimacy seem unfulfilling; and 2) a “hyper-activity” towards pornography is created, such that once it is viewed, so much the greater is the hunger for more of it; the subject’s willpower is weakened and lost; and all that matters anymore is more pornography.

Mental Health – Creating Addiction

People who view porn fall into two categories: 1.) Those for whom it is a habit; and 2) those who have grown dependent upon it .One of the differences between habit and addiction is the frequency with which the action is practiced. Studies show that a person who views porn more than eight times per week would be considered “addicted”. Pornography has been called “The New Drug of the Millennium”. Many researchers suggest in their findings that pornography creates more dependency than drugs like heroin or cocaine, and mimics a chemical drug in the way it functions – only with more force when it infects the thinking and leads to subsequent life-dominating sins such as masturbation and “pedophilia”.

– Porn changes you.

Many people who view pornography will say that they would never abuse a minor, but in fact, while watching porn, they enable its manufacturers to go further and further in its content and diversity. There are approximately 100,000 official websites that purvey sexual depictions of minors (“kiddie porn”). Many arrested pedophiles have recorded in their testimonies that pornography had been an addiction of theirs from an early age. Over time, it had evolved in a more brutal manner because their craving increased every day and drove them to act out in reality what they had viewed. Likewise, as much more as pornography is consumed by people, so much more the curiosity is opened to feel and view different types of pornography (such as homosexual porn or bestiality). Various statistics show that a significant percentage of homosexuals state that gay porn was the number 1 factor in impacting them to turn to the gay or lesbian lifestyle.

– Destruction of your image of sex.

Pornography is a lie. Pornographic videos are built by professional filmmakers. It is designed to be a completely alluring business in order to satisfy the customer. Every aspect about it is fake. There is no love between the actors. Pornography portrays a wrong image for intimacy between couples. It perverts perceptions about sex. The gift of sexual relationship was given to people for a holy purpose, both reproductive and pleasure. It was given to us by God as a perfect picture, but man has torn, defaced, and polluted it.

– Porn destroys marriages.

A husband who takes comfort in the unrealistic images of pornography will eventually begin to lose any feelings of attraction towards his spouse. Marital intimacy becomes less and less fulfilling. As time goes on, the spouses will stop feeling affection for each other; begin to feel lonely; and their marriage will be destroyed. Dr. Jill Manning, of the US Senate, testified that “Fifty-six percent of divorce cases included ‘obsessive’ interest in pornographic websites”. The bitter fact is that many of the victims of pornography decide to share their spouse, rather than refrain from pornography.

– Porn degrades the female/male image.

The value of both women and men will continuously drop in the minds of people who view porn. Its male viewers promote the degradation of females. She is seen only as an object, to be used for sexual purposes, whom you can treat as you wish – only in order to take the pleasure which you crave. Unfortunately, the bestseller trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” is affecting the minds of its readers more every day. Around 100 million copies are for sale around the world, and recently the book was ranked in 10th place by the New York Times, the most famous newspaper in the USA. E.L. James’ book may have made her a multi-millionaire, but it has helped in degrading the minds of every female reader, after the book shows the “perverse and bestial” side of sex. It is defrauding every female reader with sado-masochistic nuances; presumably the American author was more interested in conveying the wrong image of her gender to every one of her readers.
I challenge you to open this topic with your close friends, for example, over coffee one day. You could bring about a change that might save a marriage in the future.


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