A New Blogging Home!

332590_10150361156756128_573327791_oYes! I am back to blogging. New venue (WordPress vs. Blogger); new theme; new freedom to share whatever writing project I’m currently working on.

Why start over? I started blogging around 2007, with Musings from a Theo-Geek. This first blog was devoted primarily to doctrinal topics; my journey out of the charismatic movement; and the occasional post about the persecuted Church. As I was studying biblical counseling at the time, and writing a book about overcoming anorexia and bulimia, I branched off into a new blog, intended as a platform for my book: Redeemed from the Pit. In 2011, Calvary Press signed me and released the book (yay!!); I started speaking at women’s Christian conferences; and continued to keep the blog active.

To be honest, I am tired of writing/speaking/thinking about eating disorders. Because of my first book and testimony, that is most often what I am asked to write about or teach on at events, but the truth is…….I write about many, MANY other subjects.

Recently, my second book “Plugged In: Proclaiming Christ in the Internet Age” was published by Reigning Grace Counseling Center’s printing house, Pure Water Press. I discuss the spiritual implications of extensive online communication, and how to use it wisely to teach and mentor new believers.

I have also written for Modern Reformation Magazine, Illyra Revistë, and Списание Лия (the last two being Christian women’s magazines in Albania and Bulgaria, respectively), and am a regular contributor/reviewer for The Biblical Counseling Coalition. However, not every article I write has a direct connection to biblical counseling….some of the recent topics I have written about include the Srebernica massacre and Bosnian genocide of the early ’90’s; why women donating their hair are being scammed; an interview with an 84-year-old Bulgarian pastor who was a pillar of the Underground Church; and how to manage sitting at Jesus’ feet when you need to drive the kids to soccer.

I intend to use this new blog as a place where my current (and hopefully new!) readers can follow what I am writing about; new articles/interviews I have published elsewhere; and comment. Besides theology, I am passionate about languages and will no doubt write about my self-taught adventures with the complexity of Albanian grammar. It’s my blog. I can do that.

I am, first and foremost, a Christian….a follower of Christ. That comes before being a ‘Christian author’; ‘Christian blogger’; ‘Christian wife/mother’ or even ‘Christian interpreter’, although it encompasses and includes all of those things. I want to live in order to bring glory to God, and I believe using my writing ability is one way He has enabled me to do that.

Please message me if you would like to guest blog on any topic, and I will be happy to consider it!

Thank you for visiting.


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